This place is like a mecca for vegans.  Vegabond is actually more like a whole-food store where you can find all kinds of special groceries. Nevertheless, Vagabond is also a great place for a quick breakfast, a healthy lunch or a relaxed afternoon break with some sweet treats (all healthy!) and some hot coffee or hot cocoa. 

The staff is really friendly and more than happy to help if you have any questions regarding their food, products when you seek some advice on how to become a vegan. Laura and me spent a very pleasant lunch also chatting to the staff while enjoying our food in the rather small but very cosy atmosphere of this place.

It is all vegan.

On the menu you can chose between sandwiches, wraps, salads or hearty soups. As you can see, there a plenty of vegan, raw or gluten free snacks you can chose from. Besides coffee you can drink some freshly pressed juices. 

If you drop in for a afternoon tea or coffee you can enjoy a macadamia latte while snacking on some -wait for it- homemadeorganicveganglutenandsugarfree raw energy balls. Sounds tempting doesn't it?

Vegabond is like heaven for vegans, clean eaters and health conscious people. Just perfect for me! Besides a range of cook books about healty eating, their shelves are filled with healthy groceries from all over the world. They were also carrying my favourite kale chips from Australia! :) I was so surprised to find them here.

This is what we got!

I ordered a vegan Avocado and Kale salad with cashew and a tahini lime dressing! On the table they provided El Jefes salsa to spice it up. Perfect for me, because I like it spicy!

For drinks Laura had one of those lovely Pukka teas and I ordered their so called special 'hot recharge'. This is practically a hot lemon and apple cider vinegar with grated ginger and a bit of agave sirup. Delicious!

For satisfying our sweet tooth we got two raw date and coconut bliss balls with goji berries. 

Healthy food = happy girls! I always say, you are what you eat. 

If you eat good you feel good and naturally shine from inside. 

Vegabond is 'klein aber fein' = small but unique. It is located in a lovely corner of Amsterdam overlooking one of many beautiful canals of the city. 

The food is awesome, so tasty and fresh. It is a welcoming spot for anyone as I am more than convinced that also non-vegans and non-veggies will love their food products and dishes.

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Leliegracht 16   •  Amsterdam, NH, 1015  •  The Netherlands