Welcome to wonderland.

You would not expect such a great place behind these walls. It appears as a little Danish mansion. But there is a lot more to discover when you enter. Louisiana is one of my favourite museums I have been to in my life. I am not too fond of modern art as I rather love the contemporary art pieces from Impressionism. But Louisiana definitely surprised me a lot.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

It is an art museum North of Copenhagen. It is the most visted art museum in Denmark with collections of modern art

Museum Sundays in Lousiana

Louisiana had been on my Copenhagen TO-DO list for a very long time. Luisa was visiting from Lund and we took the chance and went together. It is a bit outside of Copenhagen. But it is very easy to get there by public transport even if you dont have a car. It takes about 35 minutes on the train and then another 10 minutes walk to the museum. Louisiana is a day trip - but totally worth it!

Food with a view.

The best thing about the Louisiana Café is probably the view. Make sure that you pick a sunny day for your visit. 

Luisa and me sat outside and enjoyed our lunch and probably Denmark’s most beautiful panoramic views over the Øresund to the coast of Sweden.

There were many guest sitting outside on the large terrace outside the Cafe.

Germany - you better learn and listen!

Where I am from the food at public places like museums, theatres or galleries usually sucks. You only go there and eat because you are close to starvation. And pretty much all food you can get is overpriced, dry and from last week. 

I am very positively surprised about the great quality of museum cafés in Denmark. I have been to Helsingør and ate at the Maritime Museum, the National Library and Museum and now finally Louisiana. People actually go there BECAUSE of the food. 

You have plenty of healthy options, great quality food and even a brunch offer on weekends.

Our food.

Luisa and me decided for the buffet as we were able to pick our favourites. 

The vegetables and salads were freshly prepared. The soup was nicely warming and tasty. I loved the idea with the sparsely oil on top. The fish was of very good quality and the taste was well balanced with the spicy radish cream. Louisa loved the fresh 

The Café

The kitchen offers contemporary Danish cuisine prepared with fresh seasonal produce. Try the delicious buffet either for lunch or supper – there’s a new menu every week. If your appetite is more modest, there are choice open-faced sandwiches with homemade cold cuts and toppings.

The Louisiana Café offers a large variety of food. It is mostly light Danish cuisine. The food is made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. They offer a buffet for lunch and dinner with a weekly changing menu.  If you dont feel like the buffet you can also pick between the typical Danish homemade open-faced sandwiches called Smørrebrod.


Smørrebrod is a typical Danish dish. It is actually like an open sandwich. It is practially dark brown rye bread called rugbrød topped with cold cuts like meat, fish, cheese or spread. Then is it decorated with some additional toppings to create a visually appealing plate.

At Louisiana you can choose between three different kinds of Smørrebrod.

The vegetarian option is a rugbrød topped with Portobello mushrooms, pumpkin puree, mayonnaise. The meat bread is topped with smoked beef fillet, celeriac puree, fresh cranberries, carrots slices. And finally, the Nordic fishy one is white plaice fish, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables and mustard cream.

The buffet.

There was plenty to chose from. Fresh green asparagus with homemade lemon butter, smoked salmon with a radish cream, turnip soup with parsley oil, trout mousse with carrot and dill, celery, radish and apple vinegar salad, roasted rosemary potatoes and jerusalem artichokes, home baked rye bread with sea salt, and also chicken and beef (which I did not take a picture of)

A sneak of the gallery

After than nice lunch we had a lot of energy to walk through the exhibitions of the museum. The museum itself was an art piece in itself with its Danish architecture. I loved the huge backyard and the beach.

Their current exhibitions are from artist like Peter Doig, Jeff Wall David Hockeny and Richard Mosse, 

Me personally, I loved the art of Richard Mosse who is an Irish contemporary documentary photographer. His art 'the enclave' which you can see below shows military scences from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, the film won the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. 

He showed horrifiying scenes through a beautiful sense. The mix of suffering of civil war and illogical beauty shaked me a lot. Using a special military surveillance film filters all greens turning them into a bright pink colour as you can see below.

When you are visiting Copenhagen and you have more than two days in the city you should definitely consider going to Louisiana. It is a very unique place. The museum is famous all over the places in Europe. Louisiana muesum and café are a little outside of Copenhagen - but definitely worth visiting! Not only as it counts to one of the 1000 places you have to see before you die ;)

Dont worry about food - the Louisiana Café offers a large variety of healthy eats for everyone. The buffet allows you to pick your favourites. If you want to try the 'typical Danish Smørrebrod' - thats probably THE occasion. 

The Café is open from Tuesdays until Friday from 11- 21:30 and on weekends until 17:30. Unfortunately it's closed on Mondays. 

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Time to celebrate!

It is crazy how fast time has went by... But, we are finally DONE with classes. The very last class at CBS. There is always a good excuse to celebrate :) So, me and my girls decided for a causal Tuesday morning brunch at Mad&Kaffe in Vesterbro. 

I love my Vesterbro. It is such a nice district of Copenhagen. Every day you discover a new little café which has opened up.

I bet you have not heard of this one though! 

Mad&Kaffe is the new and most delicious brunch eatery in Vesterbro. It has only opened its doors in April. 

When you are lucky and it is NOT raining in Copenhagen you can sit outside the café and enjoy your breakfast or brunch in the sun.


Mad&Kaffe has a brilliant and very innovative concept. 

You can customise your own brunch from plenty of dishes. You have five categories: Veggies, dairy, bakery, meat&fish and then the treat of the day. 

All you do is have to chose your favourite. Either have some fresh fruit, eggs an bacon, breads or a sweet home made carrot cupcake.

You can assemble a brunch board of either 3, 5 or 7 dishes. They cost either 59, 95 or 120 kr which is such a good price for this brunch. It is so hard to find 'reasonably priced' cafés in this city. Note however that the drinks are not included in the price - but hey, there's coffee for 20kr + 10kr for refill. It really fair prices!

Just make a cross which dish you like and write your name on it and the lovely waiter will bring it to your table in no time. 

Exactly my spirit. 

I LOVE this concept as I am super picky when it comes to food. So it is perfect to simply pick your favourite plates according to your individual taste. 


 Fresh pressed orange juice

Jana and Johanna are crazy about their morning vitamin C power booster.


A close up of our delicious break-feast!

Jealous much?

Look at this brunch variety. Organic granola muesli with fresh berries and yogurt, fruit salad, smoked salmon and organic scrambled eggs, warm bruschetta with pesto and chocolate croissant, and last but not least avocado. 

my girls.

Our menu.

Ginevra loves her sweet breakfast. She decided for a Pain au Chocolat from Daniel Letz (who is a popular French delicatessen store in Copenhagen), a fresh skyr yoghurt whipped with honey roasted granola and berries and a fresh fruit salad marinated in vanilla syrup.

Ceci and Jana shared seven dishes. Having a granola yoghurt each, fruit salad and a Pain au Chocolat as well. They also ordered the avocado topped with roasted almonds and a homemade chilli oil, the oven-baked Bruschetta with tomato-mozzarella and pesto and an organic 'Kanelsnegel reminding me a lot of the Hamburger Franzbrötchen.

Johanna picked the organic scrambled eggs with roasted mushrooms, the avocado and the bruschetta.

My italian girl loving her cappucchino.

- Avocado - Egg - Salmon -

No surprise. I found my favourites in no time. I love my savoury breakfast in the morning. 

Breakfast was served in a delicate way. The food came in small cute Bloomingville bowls on a wooden board. 

It was a five star breakfast

I decided for the Avocado which was super yummy in combination with the roasted almonds. The chilli oil perfectly balanced the taste of the avocado giving it the spicy twist I love.

The egg scramble is made with organic eggs which is a definite double plus. The chives are such a MUST with scrambled eggs giving it a nice zest.  The salmon is also from Daniel Letz. It was so delicious together with the homemade parsley-chive mayonnaise and spicy radishes. 

I found the food being of highest quality. The authentic french croissants, organic eggs, homemade breads and the fresh salmon where the highlights of the menu. You could feel the chef really prepared the food with love. The taste elements of each dish were perfectly balanced. It was both fresh and delicious, and the quantity was just right. 

Hygge Copenhagen interior.

The place is  decorated in a cozy and causal style with mixed furniture, retro lamps and white candles on the tables. You sit on warming sheep skin which is especially nice on colder days. Magazines to chose from. 

I find Mad&Kaffe is one of the most delicious Brunch cafés in Copenhagen. The food was great and good quality. This is a place you should definitely put on your Brunch list!

It is a place you can visit with your friends or hang out by yourself studying and enjoying a nice café or breakfast. 

It is open from 8:30 until 20.OO every day. 

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This week my aunt and cousin came to visit me in Copenhagen. Of course we also had to do all the touristy stuff - visiting Glypothek, Christiania, the Kongelige Bibliothek also known as Black Diamond, Rosenborg Castle, the Kastellet and of course the Little Mermaid...

They were really lucky with the weather. The weather is so important here in Copenhagen. Once it rains everything turns into grey. Maybe two or three shades. The city just does not have the same flair as when there is blue sky.

So, it was great sun and I showed them around the nicest places in Copenhagen taking them to my favourite place : TOLDBODEN.

Habour view, sun tan, sea view, party time, good food

Toldboden has it all!

When you are lucky to enjoy the sun you will experience Copenhagen at its best. People hanging outside tanning, dipping their fish fingers into homemade pea puree and ramslog aioli. 

Toldboden offers great dinner and very famous brunch on weekends. The food is all homemade and taken great care of highest quality ingredients. Make sure to book early as it is very popular!


Danish stateoftheart interior 

Toldboden uses a large ware-house like hall. You can enjoy a great habour view even from inside through the huge windows facing sea side.  I love the simplicity and brightness of their typical Danish interior. It is 'hyggle' and raw at the same time. The combination of raw concrete floors, metal with a lot of martime sailor and wooden elements with cosy furs and bright candles. 


Plenty of greens and fish 

waiting for pick up

Chill, Eat, Tan, Repeat

We went there for lunch and got some fresh seafood at the Harbour Grill. When the weather is nice the outdoor bar and grill is open every day from 10am. Outside Toldboden you have plenty of benches you find space to sit and eat and tan outside

Sea food time

I chose the Fresh North Sea shrimps with organic lemon and the most amazing  aioli of Ramson. My aunty and cousin shared the 'traditional' Fish N Chips coming  with a super delicious minted pea puree.

Dip it!

Feel free to order some of the dips extra. They are super delicious and perfect for dipping greens

Toldboden is just around the corner of the Little Mermaid. So make sure to stop over on your way back!

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42° RAW

the name is the game.

42 Raw started out as the first raw- food restaurant in Copenhagen.

It is an easy going take away or dine in restaurant. And one of my favourites for lunch. They recently opened up a new restaurant in Frederiksberg just next to my uni. So Good and so bad (says my bank account). As it it so close to uni now I am so tempted to go for lunch every day rather than have food at the canteen. I must say the food at my uni is not too bad. I mean, compared to German canteens its probably extraordinary. But as it is with everything. After a while you get bored by the taste...

The concept

Raw food is not only, as the name suggests, raw food. Preparation is also a part of the food, but is only heated to a maximum of 42 degrees - hence the bar's name. 

Convinced raw foodies are of the opinion that eating raw is the way of retaining the maximum food vitamins and enzymes. Hence, enzymes are catalysts for a myriad of important body processes, breaking down and has among other things affect how and when these processes go on.

So when the food is heated above 42 degrees, the enyzmes in the food break down and therefore are less valuable for the body. 

.I am neither a 100% vegan nor do I think eating raw is THE healthiest way of eating. Of course, I love my salads and I love smoothies and all this healthy stuff. Thats also all fresh and uncooked. But I think quite the contrary, eating raw food only is not good either. Our body loves cooked food as it is soothing and easier to digest. It can not live from eating raw carrots. We're no bunnies, right!?

However, 42° Raw has really delicious food - for everyone! You should try!

Step in

42° Raw welcomes you to a mecca of delicious dishes whether you are for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There is a large variety of food on the menu. You find different freshly cold pressed juices and smoothies, breakfast and mains On the first sight the dishes may sounds familiar – Thai noodles, lasagne, avocado sandwich – but the reality defies expectations.

My ‘Thai noodles’ turned out to be raw carrot and zucchini ribbons in a coconut curry sauce. The sandwich ‘bread’ is not baked, but made out of cold-pressed seeds with a dehydrator. Raw pizza -gluten free options available - topped with mushrooms and pineapples. 

The salads are healthy an either made with a base of cabbage, red quinoa or couscous. 

Desserts of course!

Not only is cooking so last year – baking is too.

All goodies are raw and unbaked, refined sugar free, gluten free and vegan. I am in heaven! Love it! Definitely THE place to find healthy sweets. Check out my new recipe for Lemon Pie Bites on the blog! I got my super inspired! 

look at these mouthwatering pieces of deliciousness


Bliss balls and healthy cakes and raw fudges

Also a little tea bar where you can pick your own loose leaf tea.

Take 42° Raw home with you. They have homemade cookies and granola for take away and a cook book to get you inspired by their healthy dishes. Just for the record, I am not going to buy it :P On this account I would start making their dishes at home and then I would not have a reason to go there anymore haha 

With my beautiful lunch date.

Raw Lasagne?

I was super impressed by this amazing lasagne. Super thin layers of raw veggies, combined by cashew cream instead of the classic béchamel, tomato sauce and parsley pesto and a topping with sunflower seeds. The taste was stunningly sweet and nutty.

Surprise, surprise! I added some extra avocado as a side.

Have a bite!

42° Raw uses only organic ingredients that are local and seasonally produced. 

And, as always in life, there are exceptions!

No worries, you won't get your coffee served luke warm. I tried the chai! It is hot and made with homemade almond milk

You find their main restaurant in the city centre. But they have expanded all over Copenhagen by now.

42° Raw is for everyone - not excluding vegans, vegetarians, paleos or celiac. 

The menu is full of colourful ingredients. The lasagna and the sandwiches are one of my favourites. As I said made with gluten-free bread. It is one of my favourite places to eat and have a quick healthy lunch. It is reasonably priced compared to normal restaurants in Copenhagen.

Check it out when you are around

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I have uni vacation since a few days. And all I do is: Eat. Sleep. Repeat. And ah I forgot. SHOP. Practically spending a lot of money. But that is what you do when you have time, right? 

So this Café is a good recommendation when you are on low budget :P It has the best value for money. 

So I was super happy to catch up my beautiful girl Luisa. At the moment she studies in Lund which in Sweden. The best thing about it is that just a jump over the Øresund bridge from Copenhagen. Twenty minutes by train and you already walk on Swedish ground.

Luisa and me had a great time last night and felt like a nice and yummy breakfast this morning. I decided for Café Bopa in Østerbro to also show her a bit around Copenhagen. It is my all time time favourite café in Østerbro. The French-inspired café is centrally located on Bopa Square. When I lived in this area, I used to pass by here almost every week bringing my friends to this little nice café located at Bopa Plads square. The cafe is named after the square Bo Pa which stands for BOurgeouis PArtisans.

I think it is Copenhagen's most "hygge" (means cosy in Danish) breakfast café offering a weekday breakfast buffet from 09:00-11: 30 for only 39 kr. (!) Such a bargain for Danish prices. 

If the weather allows you can enjoy your coffees outside wrapped up in warm blankets. It is always very busy in the morning. Full of locals enjoying their breakfasts. 

You will enter a little Danish hide away. It is a little dark inside while the interior is kept very Scandinavian.

Luisa and me went for breakfast. She enjoyed the small goodies from the breakfast buffet. I tell you it is great for the price you pay. A real hidden treasure.

Its not a very large variety but you get all you need. And all their offerings are homemade. You can choose from yoghurt with cereal, muesli, fresh seasonal fruit like watermelon, apple or oranges. Then they offer fresh pancakes. Better be quick they are always gone instantly! You find the basic spreads like homemade jam, butter, mustard, cold meats and cheeese which you can put on freshly baked sunflower bread. 

I was a little slow taking the pictures this morning. So, this is only a cut out from what they offer :)

I chose bacon and eggs. My all time favourite. For me they make it without dairy and just how I like it: fluffy and well seasoned. I love to add my favourite dijon mustard to it. 

I love the little hygge details in this cafe. 

Gør mere af det der gør dig glad -do more of what makes you happy. TRUE story.

Cafe Bopa is the ideal place to hang out. In winter is is the best place to have a nice and cheap weekday breakfast buffet or the best bacon and eggs. 

Stop by in summer to enjoy the sun outside on the square or for an drink in the evening. 
The Bopa plads changes to a lively and festive place with alternating DJs and live music.

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Løgstørgade 8   •   2100 Copenhagen Ø   •    Denmark