When it rains in Copenhagen....

...the best reason and I believe the only reason to get out of my PJs and to leave my 'hygge' (means cosy in Danish) 4 walls is - what else would it be - food!

 my lunch dates.

Back in Vienna, my best friend Johannes an me used to go out for lunch on Wednesdays. Every week, same time, same place, same dish. Sounds boring? I loved it!

Now in Copenhagen (where everything is just insanely expensive...), I try to make it at least a monthly routine. Which is sort of good for you guys, as it makes me cook more at home. Yay, more recipes!

However, I found this little treasure of a café in Indre By (Danish for city centre - totally showing off my almost non existent Danish skills haha never mind)

Atelier September



It is a great place for breakfast and lunch. The food is simple but delicious. Everything freshly prepared. They serve great healthy salads, homemade sandwiches aaand my favourite matcha tea. I tell you, it is so hard to find that tea anywhere around here... 

For those who think - matcha what?! Its practically fine-powdered green tea from Japan. One cup of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea. Its a bomb regarding nutritional value and antioxidants. Plus it has the same effect like as espresso shot. Perfect power boost for a grey day in Copenhagen.

Happy girl with her tea. 

I ordered the famous avocado on rye bread. They serve it with chieve and olive oil.


Eat your greens!

I love the open kitchen and the personal atmosphere. My favourite place is right at one of the window tables. You can spend ages sitting there, watching the people walking past. Just like Skat that little cuty. 

Either for a coffee or a lunch date. This place is totally worth a visit.

see you at

Gothersgade 30   •   1123 Copenhagen K   •    Denmark