I have uni vacation since a few days. And all I do is: Eat. Sleep. Repeat. And ah I forgot. SHOP. Practically spending a lot of money. But that is what you do when you have time, right? 

So this Café is a good recommendation when you are on low budget :P It has the best value for money. 

So I was super happy to catch up my beautiful girl Luisa. At the moment she studies in Lund which in Sweden. The best thing about it is that just a jump over the Øresund bridge from Copenhagen. Twenty minutes by train and you already walk on Swedish ground.

Luisa and me had a great time last night and felt like a nice and yummy breakfast this morning. I decided for Café Bopa in Østerbro to also show her a bit around Copenhagen. It is my all time time favourite café in Østerbro. The French-inspired café is centrally located on Bopa Square. When I lived in this area, I used to pass by here almost every week bringing my friends to this little nice café located at Bopa Plads square. The cafe is named after the square Bo Pa which stands for BOurgeouis PArtisans.

I think it is Copenhagen's most "hygge" (means cosy in Danish) breakfast café offering a weekday breakfast buffet from 09:00-11: 30 for only 39 kr. (!) Such a bargain for Danish prices. 

If the weather allows you can enjoy your coffees outside wrapped up in warm blankets. It is always very busy in the morning. Full of locals enjoying their breakfasts. 

You will enter a little Danish hide away. It is a little dark inside while the interior is kept very Scandinavian.

Luisa and me went for breakfast. She enjoyed the small goodies from the breakfast buffet. I tell you it is great for the price you pay. A real hidden treasure.

Its not a very large variety but you get all you need. And all their offerings are homemade. You can choose from yoghurt with cereal, muesli, fresh seasonal fruit like watermelon, apple or oranges. Then they offer fresh pancakes. Better be quick they are always gone instantly! You find the basic spreads like homemade jam, butter, mustard, cold meats and cheeese which you can put on freshly baked sunflower bread. 

I was a little slow taking the pictures this morning. So, this is only a cut out from what they offer :)

I chose bacon and eggs. My all time favourite. For me they make it without dairy and just how I like it: fluffy and well seasoned. I love to add my favourite dijon mustard to it. 

I love the little hygge details in this cafe. 

Gør mere af det der gør dig glad -do more of what makes you happy. TRUE story.

Cafe Bopa is the ideal place to hang out. In winter is is the best place to have a nice and cheap weekday breakfast buffet or the best bacon and eggs. 

Stop by in summer to enjoy the sun outside on the square or for an drink in the evening. 
The Bopa plads changes to a lively and festive place with alternating DJs and live music.

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Løgstørgade 8   •   2100 Copenhagen Ø   •    Denmark