42° RAW

the name is the game.

42 Raw started out as the first raw- food restaurant in Copenhagen.

It is an easy going take away or dine in restaurant. And one of my favourites for lunch. They recently opened up a new restaurant in Frederiksberg just next to my uni. So Good and so bad (says my bank account). As it it so close to uni now I am so tempted to go for lunch every day rather than have food at the canteen. I must say the food at my uni is not too bad. I mean, compared to German canteens its probably extraordinary. But as it is with everything. After a while you get bored by the taste...

The concept

Raw food is not only, as the name suggests, raw food. Preparation is also a part of the food, but is only heated to a maximum of 42 degrees - hence the bar's name. 

Convinced raw foodies are of the opinion that eating raw is the way of retaining the maximum food vitamins and enzymes. Hence, enzymes are catalysts for a myriad of important body processes, breaking down and has among other things affect how and when these processes go on.

So when the food is heated above 42 degrees, the enyzmes in the food break down and therefore are less valuable for the body. 

.I am neither a 100% vegan nor do I think eating raw is THE healthiest way of eating. Of course, I love my salads and I love smoothies and all this healthy stuff. Thats also all fresh and uncooked. But I think quite the contrary, eating raw food only is not good either. Our body loves cooked food as it is soothing and easier to digest. It can not live from eating raw carrots. We're no bunnies, right!?

However, 42° Raw has really delicious food - for everyone! You should try!

Step in

42° Raw welcomes you to a mecca of delicious dishes whether you are for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There is a large variety of food on the menu. You find different freshly cold pressed juices and smoothies, breakfast and mains On the first sight the dishes may sounds familiar – Thai noodles, lasagne, avocado sandwich – but the reality defies expectations.

My ‘Thai noodles’ turned out to be raw carrot and zucchini ribbons in a coconut curry sauce. The sandwich ‘bread’ is not baked, but made out of cold-pressed seeds with a dehydrator. Raw pizza -gluten free options available - topped with mushrooms and pineapples. 

The salads are healthy an either made with a base of cabbage, red quinoa or couscous. 

Desserts of course!

Not only is cooking so last year – baking is too.

All goodies are raw and unbaked, refined sugar free, gluten free and vegan. I am in heaven! Love it! Definitely THE place to find healthy sweets. Check out my new recipe for Lemon Pie Bites on the blog! I got my super inspired! 

look at these mouthwatering pieces of deliciousness


Bliss balls and healthy cakes and raw fudges

Also a little tea bar where you can pick your own loose leaf tea.

Take 42° Raw home with you. They have homemade cookies and granola for take away and a cook book to get you inspired by their healthy dishes. Just for the record, I am not going to buy it :P On this account I would start making their dishes at home and then I would not have a reason to go there anymore haha 

With my beautiful lunch date.

Raw Lasagne?

I was super impressed by this amazing lasagne. Super thin layers of raw veggies, combined by cashew cream instead of the classic béchamel, tomato sauce and parsley pesto and a topping with sunflower seeds. The taste was stunningly sweet and nutty.

Surprise, surprise! I added some extra avocado as a side.

Have a bite!

42° Raw uses only organic ingredients that are local and seasonally produced. 

And, as always in life, there are exceptions!

No worries, you won't get your coffee served luke warm. I tried the chai! It is hot and made with homemade almond milk

You find their main restaurant in the city centre. But they have expanded all over Copenhagen by now.

42° Raw is for everyone - not excluding vegans, vegetarians, paleos or celiac. 

The menu is full of colourful ingredients. The lasagna and the sandwiches are one of my favourites. As I said made with gluten-free bread. It is one of my favourite places to eat and have a quick healthy lunch. It is reasonably priced compared to normal restaurants in Copenhagen.

Check it out when you are around

see you at 


Pilestaede 32  •   1112 Copenhagen   •    Denmark