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You would not expect such a great place behind these walls. It appears as a little Danish mansion. But there is a lot more to discover when you enter. Louisiana is one of my favourite museums I have been to in my life. I am not too fond of modern art as I rather love the contemporary art pieces from Impressionism. But Louisiana definitely surprised me a lot.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

It is an art museum North of Copenhagen. It is the most visted art museum in Denmark with collections of modern art

Museum Sundays in Lousiana

Louisiana had been on my Copenhagen TO-DO list for a very long time. Luisa was visiting from Lund and we took the chance and went together. It is a bit outside of Copenhagen. But it is very easy to get there by public transport even if you dont have a car. It takes about 35 minutes on the train and then another 10 minutes walk to the museum. Louisiana is a day trip - but totally worth it!

Food with a view.

The best thing about the Louisiana Café is probably the view. Make sure that you pick a sunny day for your visit. 

Luisa and me sat outside and enjoyed our lunch and probably Denmark’s most beautiful panoramic views over the Øresund to the coast of Sweden.

There were many guest sitting outside on the large terrace outside the Cafe.

Germany - you better learn and listen!

Where I am from the food at public places like museums, theatres or galleries usually sucks. You only go there and eat because you are close to starvation. And pretty much all food you can get is overpriced, dry and from last week. 

I am very positively surprised about the great quality of museum cafés in Denmark. I have been to Helsingør and ate at the Maritime Museum, the National Library and Museum and now finally Louisiana. People actually go there BECAUSE of the food. 

You have plenty of healthy options, great quality food and even a brunch offer on weekends.

Our food.

Luisa and me decided for the buffet as we were able to pick our favourites. 

The vegetables and salads were freshly prepared. The soup was nicely warming and tasty. I loved the idea with the sparsely oil on top. The fish was of very good quality and the taste was well balanced with the spicy radish cream. Louisa loved the fresh 

The Café

The kitchen offers contemporary Danish cuisine prepared with fresh seasonal produce. Try the delicious buffet either for lunch or supper – there’s a new menu every week. If your appetite is more modest, there are choice open-faced sandwiches with homemade cold cuts and toppings.

The Louisiana Café offers a large variety of food. It is mostly light Danish cuisine. The food is made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. They offer a buffet for lunch and dinner with a weekly changing menu.  If you dont feel like the buffet you can also pick between the typical Danish homemade open-faced sandwiches called Smørrebrod.


Smørrebrod is a typical Danish dish. It is actually like an open sandwich. It is practially dark brown rye bread called rugbrød topped with cold cuts like meat, fish, cheese or spread. Then is it decorated with some additional toppings to create a visually appealing plate.

At Louisiana you can choose between three different kinds of Smørrebrod.

The vegetarian option is a rugbrød topped with Portobello mushrooms, pumpkin puree, mayonnaise. The meat bread is topped with smoked beef fillet, celeriac puree, fresh cranberries, carrots slices. And finally, the Nordic fishy one is white plaice fish, mayonnaise, pickled vegetables and mustard cream.

The buffet.

There was plenty to chose from. Fresh green asparagus with homemade lemon butter, smoked salmon with a radish cream, turnip soup with parsley oil, trout mousse with carrot and dill, celery, radish and apple vinegar salad, roasted rosemary potatoes and jerusalem artichokes, home baked rye bread with sea salt, and also chicken and beef (which I did not take a picture of)

A sneak of the gallery

After than nice lunch we had a lot of energy to walk through the exhibitions of the museum. The museum itself was an art piece in itself with its Danish architecture. I loved the huge backyard and the beach.

Their current exhibitions are from artist like Peter Doig, Jeff Wall David Hockeny and Richard Mosse, 

Me personally, I loved the art of Richard Mosse who is an Irish contemporary documentary photographer. His art 'the enclave' which you can see below shows military scences from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, the film won the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. 

He showed horrifiying scenes through a beautiful sense. The mix of suffering of civil war and illogical beauty shaked me a lot. Using a special military surveillance film filters all greens turning them into a bright pink colour as you can see below.

When you are visiting Copenhagen and you have more than two days in the city you should definitely consider going to Louisiana. It is a very unique place. The museum is famous all over the places in Europe. Louisiana muesum and café are a little outside of Copenhagen - but definitely worth visiting! Not only as it counts to one of the 1000 places you have to see before you die ;)

Dont worry about food - the Louisiana Café offers a large variety of healthy eats for everyone. The buffet allows you to pick your favourites. If you want to try the 'typical Danish Smørrebrod' - thats probably THE occasion. 

The Café is open from Tuesdays until Friday from 11- 21:30 and on weekends until 17:30. Unfortunately it's closed on Mondays. 

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