Time to celebrate!

It is crazy how fast time has went by... But, we are finally DONE with classes. The very last class at CBS. There is always a good excuse to celebrate :) So, me and my girls decided for a causal Tuesday morning brunch at Mad&Kaffe in Vesterbro. 

I love my Vesterbro. It is such a nice district of Copenhagen. Every day you discover a new little café which has opened up.

I bet you have not heard of this one though! 

Mad&Kaffe is the new and most delicious brunch eatery in Vesterbro. It has only opened its doors in April. 

When you are lucky and it is NOT raining in Copenhagen you can sit outside the café and enjoy your breakfast or brunch in the sun.


Mad&Kaffe has a brilliant and very innovative concept. 

You can customise your own brunch from plenty of dishes. You have five categories: Veggies, dairy, bakery, meat&fish and then the treat of the day. 

All you do is have to chose your favourite. Either have some fresh fruit, eggs an bacon, breads or a sweet home made carrot cupcake.

You can assemble a brunch board of either 3, 5 or 7 dishes. They cost either 59, 95 or 120 kr which is such a good price for this brunch. It is so hard to find 'reasonably priced' cafés in this city. Note however that the drinks are not included in the price - but hey, there's coffee for 20kr + 10kr for refill. It really fair prices!

Just make a cross which dish you like and write your name on it and the lovely waiter will bring it to your table in no time. 

Exactly my spirit. 

I LOVE this concept as I am super picky when it comes to food. So it is perfect to simply pick your favourite plates according to your individual taste. 


 Fresh pressed orange juice

Jana and Johanna are crazy about their morning vitamin C power booster.


A close up of our delicious break-feast!

Jealous much?

Look at this brunch variety. Organic granola muesli with fresh berries and yogurt, fruit salad, smoked salmon and organic scrambled eggs, warm bruschetta with pesto and chocolate croissant, and last but not least avocado. 

my girls.

Our menu.

Ginevra loves her sweet breakfast. She decided for a Pain au Chocolat from Daniel Letz (who is a popular French delicatessen store in Copenhagen), a fresh skyr yoghurt whipped with honey roasted granola and berries and a fresh fruit salad marinated in vanilla syrup.

Ceci and Jana shared seven dishes. Having a granola yoghurt each, fruit salad and a Pain au Chocolat as well. They also ordered the avocado topped with roasted almonds and a homemade chilli oil, the oven-baked Bruschetta with tomato-mozzarella and pesto and an organic 'Kanelsnegel reminding me a lot of the Hamburger Franzbrötchen.

Johanna picked the organic scrambled eggs with roasted mushrooms, the avocado and the bruschetta.

My italian girl loving her cappucchino.

- Avocado - Egg - Salmon -

No surprise. I found my favourites in no time. I love my savoury breakfast in the morning. 

Breakfast was served in a delicate way. The food came in small cute Bloomingville bowls on a wooden board. 

It was a five star breakfast

I decided for the Avocado which was super yummy in combination with the roasted almonds. The chilli oil perfectly balanced the taste of the avocado giving it the spicy twist I love.

The egg scramble is made with organic eggs which is a definite double plus. The chives are such a MUST with scrambled eggs giving it a nice zest.  The salmon is also from Daniel Letz. It was so delicious together with the homemade parsley-chive mayonnaise and spicy radishes. 

I found the food being of highest quality. The authentic french croissants, organic eggs, homemade breads and the fresh salmon where the highlights of the menu. You could feel the chef really prepared the food with love. The taste elements of each dish were perfectly balanced. It was both fresh and delicious, and the quantity was just right. 

Hygge Copenhagen interior.

The place is  decorated in a cozy and causal style with mixed furniture, retro lamps and white candles on the tables. You sit on warming sheep skin which is especially nice on colder days. Magazines to chose from. 

I find Mad&Kaffe is one of the most delicious Brunch cafés in Copenhagen. The food was great and good quality. This is a place you should definitely put on your Brunch list!

It is a place you can visit with your friends or hang out by yourself studying and enjoying a nice café or breakfast. 

It is open from 8:30 until 20.OO every day. 

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