Soupkultur is a well-kept insider tip to locals. And seriously one of my favourite quick lunch places in Vienna. 


They offer the best and freshest and tastiest food. Seriously the salads are simply amazing!  Plus the price is surprisingly reasonable.

During my visit in Vienna I just could not resist but going there for lunch almost every day.



If you hit 'rush hour' that little place will be very busy. Especially, during peak time the people are likely queue up onto the street. 

In order to skip that queue you can either pre-order your salad and have it ready for pick-up on a certain time or your can make use of the offered delivery service. That green bike you see in the picture will bring you your order timely and fresh to your home or office (within the 1st district).

The service is quick and very friendly, always welcoming you with a smile.

Almost impossible to get tired of what they offer. 

You can decide between warm soups or healthy salads. They come along with freshly baked bread or rolls. Moreover, freshly squeezed juices or desserts are available.  Every month a different seasonal salad special is offered.

Also no problem for lactose or gluten intolerant customers as they are indicated on the menu.

It is the place where you will find your favourite.



The soup offer changes weekly. As it is very internationally touched you can travel all culinary cuisines. Start with a French red capsicum soup, experience the Brasilian fish soup with avocado and coconut or taste the peuvian 'Sopa Camoles con Naranjas' with sweet potato.

Whenever they have the yellow Indian lentil soup. The taste is very authentic. And I know it ;)


They have so many different salads you can chose of. Just to mention a few of their signature salads and to get you more curious. The offer ranges from a mouthwatering Asian Salad with mango and prawns spring onion and coriander to an Austrian mountain cheese salad with walnuts and grapes.

Here you can find their whole menu (only in German unfortunately)


I have tried many of them. And my recommendation is the Greek pasta salad. It is made with grape leaves, black olives, cherry tomatoes, feta and basil with a lemon olive oil dressing.

Nonetheless, my absolute favourite which I order e v e r y time is the a chicken breast and lettuce salad coming with a white vinegar and olive oil dressing. Simple but incredibly tasty. That's quality.

Another thing I love about Soupkultur that you can 'personalise' your food.  

Just add your favourite extra. A drip of extra vergine olive oil or white vinegar. A pinch of freshly cracked sea salt and black pepper or what about adding some soy sauce or chilli your soup or salad?

I personally love the Austrian pumpkin kennel oil and sambal oelek. So yum.

Salad, baby!

YES. I had my favourite salad. And it seriously made my day.


Soupkultur is the healthy fast food alternative for lunch.  

Always freshly prepared and high quality food offered at perfect value for money makes it THE place to have your lunch break. I would go every day if I was still living around.

Either for eat in or take away. Soupkultur definitely worth a visit (or even a couple..!)

Remember to get there early so you don't hit the peak time! 

see you at


Wipplingerstraße 32   •   1010 Vienna   •    Austria