Today, I will take you with me to a trip to the Islam.

Here in Paris there is the largest muslim church in France. And it is SO pretty.

To be honest I was a little bit scared before, as there is the highest terror warning at the moment due to the terror attack on the Thalys TVG train coming from Amsterdam. However, I told myself: it can happen a n y w h e r e. Rather in an metro station than in a mosque.

أهلاً و سهلاً



A little bit of history.

The Muslim Institute of Paris is the symbol of French-Muslim friendship. It was built in 1922 by 450 North African craftsmen and artist in a morrish style which originates in Andalusia, Spain. After passing the heavy wooden doors also known as the "Gates of Peace" , you find yourself facing the terrace. You will then be let to The Court of Honor, as well as the Great Patio and the Minaret, Library and Prayer Room. 

Hand crafted.

The walls are decorated with mosaic elements of the muslim art. They are all hand cut and assembled together forming beautiful flower-like shapes. I love those colourful ceramic ennamelling floral motives. So impressive - there are about 700 individual pieces each square meter!

Hello, girls!

A piece of art!

The outside terrace is so pretty. White marble, ponds and fountains, ledges where water cascades run freely before ending up in beautiful flower beds. 

A place of happiness.

So picturesque and stunning art works. 

I think this mosque is a dint MUST-VISIT for everyone coming to Paris. I find this Mosque being one of the most beautiful places I have been. It is a masterpiece of authentic Islamic art not only visited by Muslim but also by travellers from all over the world. It is a peacful place to encounter culture and religion in a unique architectural setting.

Happy, place, happy Vic!

And now, the FOOD!

After our visit to the mosque we went to the little Arabic café just around the corner to enjoy some arabic sweets and tea.


the city of love.

You would never believe to find such a beautiful hide away directly in the middle of Paris. It is nice and shady in the summer time. For winters you can sit in the beautiful decorated dining room.

Aw, I am in foodie heaven!

And there is so much to chose from! 

We enjoyed our food in the quiet courtyard with small birdies trying to pick some leftovers. It is a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. The pastries were good. Some of them were a bit too dry for my taste. You can ask the little vendor for the best sweets, he is a good help! Make sure to ask for non-sweetened mint tea as it will give you quite a litte sugar shock haha

All about sweeeets!

I had a very moist and yummy pistachio ball and one traditional baked croissant.

Beautiful setting, great mint tea and choice of oriental sweets. Two Euros tea, cake two Euros. A beautiful place, there is also a restaurant in the inside. 

See you at:

La Grande Mosquée de Paris

La Grande Mosquée de Paris • 2bis Place du Puits de l'Ermite • 75005 Paris